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It is a ''New Way To View Websites'' on the Internet.

SUPER DESCRIPTOR is technology that gives website providers (in particular business websites) the ability to present abundant content on products and services using a single web page. Because research has shown that people respond to human descriptions better than technical information on the Internet, the SUPER DESCRIPTOR combines photographic imagery with human text to give consumers information in a story-like manner.

SUPER DESCRIPTOR will give your business top ranking in all major search engines.

By default, SUPER DESCRIPTOR can show up to 100 images on the page with each image embedded with default or customized content. Using the back-end software merchants can project their own unique descriptions, owners/employee photos, current offers and specials, videos, and other content directly into each imagery... up to 100 possible slots.

If you want to WOW! your website customers and get content in front of your customers right away; plus if you want to rank on the first page of engines, SUPER DESCRIPTOR is your solutions. Click here to see an example.

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  How to get your own SUPER DESCRIPTOR.

If you wish to install the SUPER DESCRIPTOR at your business website, use the form on this page to request more information. You will receive a link that you will use to sign-up/activate your unique account. After that you will be provided a unique link that you will install so that SUPER DESCRIPTOR can appear at your site.

The SUPER DESCRIPTOR solution comes in three packages: BRONZE, SILVER & GOLD.

  • SuperDescriptor BRONZE
    You get the standard bar as is, including automatic updates. However, you cannot modify any content.

  • SuperDescriptor SILVER
    You get back-end access to project your own customized content into all 100 slots.

  • SuperDescriptor GOLD PAGE HOSTING
    You get everything in Silver, plus one unique domain name for independent page hosting.